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Surmount democratizes access to passive trading to everyone. It's an incredible vision as a business and as an agent of changing how the world invests.

As a former quant, I was excited when I saw the platform that Logan and the Surmount team have built to bring the power of hedge funds and family offices to everyday investors. As I dug into due diligence, I found more and more to impress me, and it's a pleasure to be both an investor and a strategic advisor to this energetic crew.

Surmount's vision represents a new opportunity to introduce retail trading strategies using AI that have traditionally only been available for institutional quantitative funds. I have been impressed with the team, the capabilities of the beta product, and the potential opportunity to disrupt the market.

It's very exciting to see Surmount not only give users the power to create unique strategies, but also a place where they can help others put them to action. Finally users aren't forced into to limited opaque strategies.

Surmount is on a mission to democratize investing and algo-trading for everyone. I truly believe in Surmount's platform and marketplace approach for the community of individual and institutional investors to share trading strategies.


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